Release of GST 3.0

Januar 22, 2019 1:34 pm Veröffentlicht von

GiGa infosystems and its team is happy to announce the release of GST 3.0.

Within this post we would like to give you a short overview of the new features and improvements GST 3.0 brings. Go and try our interactive Demo yourself.

GST 3.0 is a major rewrite in the programming language Rust. Thus we can rely on Rust’s features like

  • memory safety,
  • memory management,
  • speed

to provide an even more reliable and efficient software product.

In order to not get too technical, let us turn our attention to the new features of GST 3.0:

  • It is now possible to store and display grid-data (voxets). These models are represented by movable slices and may be analyzed by the tools that you already know from the other geometry types, such as intersections and boreholes.Display properties on a grid
  • A minimap has been added to the 3D scene to ease user navigation and orientation.
  • The transition between 2D and 3D scenes is now seamless and leaves you right where you left off without any interruption.
  • Adjustments of the camera are now translated between 2D and 3D scenes.Transition of 2D and 3D View
  • The model tree is now accessible from the 2D view, allowing the user to toggle individual features and access the context menu.
  • In 2D view, individual features will be visualized instead of just the whole model. This will be done by either using the bounding box (rough estimation) or by higher detailed outlines.
  • These outlines may be uploaded by the user as shape files or automatically generated by GST itself.
  • The more accurate representation of individual features alleviates precise interaction with our provided tools of analysis.
  • The overall speed and efficiency of GST has increased significantly, especially for geometry related operations such as:
    • storing,
    • retrieval,
    • sections.

Our team has worked hard to rebuild and improve GST3 from the ground up, adopting Rust as the new language of choice for our backend, and we hope that you like it as much as we do. Furthermore, the possibility to extend GST with new geometry types like prisms, hexagonal bodies, structured grids, and many more, turned GST3 into a future proof product. GST3 marks the best release of GST yet and allows you to store and interact with your geometries better than ever before.

If you have any questions or want to see GST in action please do not hesitate to contact us: We would like to hear from you.