Release of GST 3.9

Welcome to the release 3.9 of GST. This release marks the traditional cut with all development of the past year, 2021. Most of the development concentrated on improvement and extension of existing functionality. But there were also new features introduced: The query pane, feature attribute history and a shapefile and geopackage import. Furthermore small tweaks… Artikel ansehen
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GST User Meeting 2022

Thank you to everyone for attending the GST User Meeting 2022 online. We presented to you some of the features that we developed in 2021 and the already started 2022: Support of SGrids — Stratigraphical Grids Support of Elevation Grids a Query Dialog the GST Web Rewrite. Moreover we had an interesting presentation by Georg… Artikel ansehen
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Within the last 6 months, GiGa has been hard at work to bring you a new way to experience and communicate 3d subsurface models. We are very happy to present to you GST[AR]. GST[AR] is a free iOS/iPadOS app which allows you to browse, download, view, and share 3d geological models in augmented reality (AR)…. Artikel ansehen
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GST makes it possible


Our network is growing. More and more customers are using GST because they recognized its benefits. Join our network too! State geological surveys using GST are
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About us

GiGa infosystems develops desktop and network software systems focusing on spatial databases within the geoscientific area. The central product of GiGa infosystems is the GST-Framework for storing, managing and visualizing three dimensional CAD data in a network based infrastructure. Read more
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