GST[AR] for Android

Dezember 5, 2022 11:19 am Veröffentlicht von

We are very happy to present to you GST[AR] for Android. It has been a while, but it is finally here!

GST[AR] is a free Android app which allows you to browse, download, view, and share 3d geological models in augmented reality (AR). If you can’t wait to get your hands on this new experience, you can download the app straight away on any Android device that supports Google Play Services for AR:


Browse the list of pre-added instances of GST, learn about the data and the institutes behind them, or simply add your own public or local instance to unlock a new view on (your) 3D geological models.


Create your personalized selection of 3D geological features, download them and place them on any horizontal surface you want. Viewing 3D models in AR gives a new perspective, so take some time to investigate all the little details of your model you might have missed before.


Everything is more fun with a friend. GST[AR] on Android currently supports collaboration between two devices. As soon as one device shares the session, a second device is able to join. From now on, the model will show up in the same place, the same size and rotation on both devices. Almost magical! Any changes made to the model on either device will be seamlessly synchronized with the other.

How we got here

GST[AR] has been available on iOS for a while now. You can relive the exciting road to this release in our blog post, see During the year of 2022, we had the chance to work together with the awesome folks from Ten Eyes media and finally develop the Android version of GST[AR].