Release of GST 3.3

Juli 29, 2019 9:52 am Veröffentlicht von

GiGa infosystem and its team is happy to announce the release of GST 3.3.

While our last two releases introduced many new features GST 3.3 includes bringing commits and versions back to GST Desktop, internal restructuring of GST Web to facilitate faster loading times, security fixes for GST Web and many bugfixes:

  • Prevent errors caused by missing map or 3d viewports
  • GST Web will not crash anymore if a WMS can not be loaded
  • Fixed a bug where some icons were not rendered properly
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the webadmin user to save any reconfiguration in the settings
  • Fixed the MoMa tree ordering
  • Security related fixes.

Versions and Commit in GST Desktop

You can now access again the commits in general and also versions of each geometry itself via GST Desktop. This allows you to go back to a previous version and even revert unwanted changes in newer version.
You can either access all commits for all features and geometries via the Commits Tab in GST Desktop.

Or you can see the log of each individual geometry by right clicking on it and selecting and choosing Show logs (commit history) from the context menu.

Each commit contains a message which can be provided during the upload. Furthermore, it allows you to tell who updated the geometry and when. By checking the checkbox in the Active column you can easily go back and forth between versions of your features.

You find GST Desktop 3.3.0 at

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.